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#35 The Third Test

Satan now shows his true identity. He admits that he is that banished angel–only he calls himself the god of this world–and somehow makes the world pass before Jesus in beauty.

“Rule and authority has been given to me,” he says, “and I can give it to whomever I please. All you have to do is bow down to me.”* He knows Jesus is after this world and so he offers him the easy way: Go around the suffering. Just worship me and I’ll give it to you!

But Jesus knows the scriptures and he knows what Satan doesn’t say–that God owns the world by right of creation. He had given Adam rule and authority as long as he remained faithful. Satan was a usurper. He stole Adam’s kingdom by deception and intrigue, but its real owner is God.

Besides Jesus doesn’t want it under sin’s curse, so He dismisses Satan, “Get away from me, Satan!” and again quotes his own words to Israel, “Worship God… only.”

Satan has no power to resist Jesus (or us in Jesus name), and he leaves raging.

Jesus falls to the earth at death’s door. Angels come with food and assurance: heaven is applauding!

Matthew 4:8-11

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