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#67 Peter Gets It

Peter’s discouragement smacks right into Jesus’ supply, and he realizes more than ever who Jesus is. Coming ashore, he drops at His feet, holding on and exclaiming, “Leave me, I am a sinful man!”

He obviously doesn’t want Jesus to leave, he has connected with his unbelief and is ashamed of his doubt. He truly sees himself. Peter sees there is no need to worry when he’s with the One who can call fish into a net.

Daniel and Isaiah had exactly the same response to God’s presence.*

Self-distrust is an important lesson to learn. You can’t really trust God while thinking you can do it yourself. The paradox is that trusting Him brings abilities you never knew you had.

Until now they had still been going back to fishing, and before asking them to unite with him, he gives them assurance that God will provide. Now, Jesus chooses to ask them to work for him full time.

So with us, apart from Jesus it is easy to distrust and complain. But working in his presence, His mind connects to ours giving vitalizing energy and joy.

Satan is the one who works to discourage. Christ inspires with faith and hope.

Luke 5:8-11

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