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#162 Jesus and Children

Jesus loves children, finding their pure openness refreshing. Little hearts are tender and impressionable, open to Spirit and strong to remember his stories–his kingdom.

If parents give them every opportunity to learn of God’s love when they are young and their characters susceptible, they won’t grow up hard-hearted.

Many regard true affection as weakness; their happiness is ruined because their better self was stifled in childhood. The expression of love toward God and each other wasn’t encouraged.

A mother teaching children to obey because they love her, is teaching them to obey God out of love. Fathers representing God’s authority, don’t need to be harsh or unkind. Jesus, even with the rudest men, wasn’t discourteous. His graciousness causes parents to treat their children as intelligent beings, training them gently as a gardener trains flowers.

Take them outside and teach them how the God of nature made a wonderful creation as an expression of His love for us. And that all living things are governed by laws protecting happiness and joy.

Don’t keep your little ones from Jesus by being cold or hard. Don’t make them think he is joyless or negative if he’s like you. God loves to give wisdom and tenderness to teach them, if you ask.

Matthew 19:14-15,  Mark 10:15-16,  Luke 18:16-17

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