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#16 The Magi’s Star

God looks for people in every nation whose hearts are in synch with His. Such were the magi–men who studied the stars with a desire to know their Creator.

They knew from tradition that a Messiah was coming who would fill the world with a knowledge of God. With excitement they discovered the Hebrew prophecies pointing to their time.

Then one night three of them saw an explosion of light in the far sky that seemed to leave a new star. They knew it wasn’t anything fixed or familiar. And the conviction that it was special began to grow. Had they seen it for a reason?

Their delight exploded as they read Balaam’s prophecy of a star rising in Israel,* and then dreamed they were to follow it! They had welcomed heaven’s light, and were given more.

Quickly they prepared. Traveling at night towards the star, their conviction of guidance deepened.

So imagine their surprise when they arrive in Jerusalem to ignorance of the Messiah’s birth!

Where was the guard they expected to contend with? Why were there no celebrations? Could they have been wrong in their calculations? No one, not even among the religious leaders of the king’s country, seemed to know anything about this birth!

Matthew 2:1-2,  Numbers 24:17

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