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#50 Encounter in Samaria

When Jesus hears about the Pharisees stirring up jealousy, he and his few disciples leave Judea and quietly go to Galilee, passing through Samaria.

The pride of the beautiful valley of Shechem is a well, built by Jacob.  Jesus is tired, hot, and hungry after walking all morning. It is noon, so his friends offer to go into the city and buy food. This they will do, but no other reason would get them to converse with a Samaritan. Jews and Samaritans hate each other–a feud over identity and the place of worship, dating hundreds of years.

Jesus rests alone by the well, the heat of the sun and the inaccessible cool water intensifying his thirst. He who had created water was dependent on someone’s kindness for a drink!*

Fortunately, a woman comes out to draw water. (Most women came in the cool of the morning–it was a social time. Her timing suggests her unpopularity–or popularity as a subject for gossip.) She pretends not to notice him, and as she prepares to leave, Jesus asks for a drink.

Easterners call water “the gift of God”, and no one refuses it to another. She intends to comply, but is so surprised when she looks at Jesus, that first she has to ask,

“How can you, a man and a Jew, ask me for a drink?” A divine appointment set up by God, and shown to Jesus early that morning, because God sees honest hearts, and He is not prejudiced.**

John 4:1-9   *John 1:1-3   **John 5:20

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