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#58 The Arraignment

In the temple, Jesus sees the healed man and says, “Look, now that you’re well, don’t go back to your old ways or something worse could happen.”

The man is overjoyed at seeing Jesus again, and ignorant of the hatred or the plots of the priests against him, eagerly directs them to him.

The Pharisees want to publicly discredit Jesus and break his popularity. The people crave his picture of God as a loving Father. It heals their wounded hearts and oppressed spirits. If the leaders hadn’t opposed him, it would have worked an incredible transformation of their religious system.

Far from a delight, Sabbath had become heavy with rules. The penalty for Sabbath breaking would have been enough for his death had the Sanhedrin been independent of Rome. But because they were subject to Roman rule, and this charge wouldn’t stand up in their courts, they couldn’t execute him.

So they arraigned him, instigated and fueled by another council: the dark side.

Since his wilderness defeat, all of Satan’s forces were concentrated on opposing Jesus’ influence. How ironic that religious leaders were used to accomplish the schemes of the powers of darkness, becoming instruments in the war against God.

Jesus chose to heal on the Sabbath saying, “pick up your bed…” to bring up the question of Sabbath keeping, and free it from the restrictions that had cursed it. God does not desire suffering; and relieving it on any day is in harmony with God’s law.

John 5:14-16

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