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#69 Teaching at Capernaum

Jesus loved Capernaum. It came to be known as “his city” and its situation made a convenient center for his work. Being on the road that ran between Damascus, Jerusalem, Egypt and the Mediterranean, he could mingle with rich and poor, Jew or Gentile, either in their leisure or their business. From here his words and works would be carried to many countries.

Alive with beauty on the shore of Galilee, perhaps the area revitalized Jesus with its orchards and vineyards, green fields and profusion of bright flowers.

No matter the warnings of the Sanhedrin, when it was known that Jesus was there, the synagogue was packed, with many turned away.

After the officer’s son was healed, his family were transparent about their faith, and brought many to see Jesus.

His tone is clear and lively, full of love and compassion. His words are simple and full of hope. They break the spell of business-as-usual, and while not ignoring daily life, he teaches that it is secondary to heaven’s priorities–that a relationship with God improves all of life. He talks with authority, as one who knows God intimately and is conscious of heaven’s reality, and “not as the scribes”.

The people love listening to Jesus. His sweet, sympathetic attitude shows in every look of his face, every tone of his voice, and draws people to Him. Even in the middle of enemies, the peace and love that surround him touch everyone whose heart is not hardened by unbelief.

Matthew 4:13-16,  Luke 4:32

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