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#74 Leprosy is Healed!

The crowd is shocked! Nobody touches a leper! But Jesus did! Just reached right out and touched him!

Instantly white scaly skin became as smooth and pink as a child’s, the muscles firm with no sign of atrophy.

It’s the same when we come to Jesus asking for cleansing from our past, the response is immediate and passionate, “I want to! Be clean!”*

Tenderly Jesus looks into his eyes and focuses the joy-giddy now non-leper, “Say nothing about this to anyone, but go show yourself to the priest with the offering Moses commanded for cleansing….”

And there was good reason behind it. He didn’t want news of the healing to reach the priests and their hatred before the newly-healed leper did, setting up dishonesty in announcing him clean, cheating him out of restoration to his family.

Jesus sends him to the very ones who had diagnosed him, as evidence of His power over even leprosy, giving testimony to him as Messiah. It answers their charge that he is opposing Moses’ laws. While many reject it, other priests are moved who later give voice to their faith.**

Another reason for the requested silence: Jesus knows priests and Pharisees will twist perspective, making it look as if he is breaking down their ritual laws. If lepers start flocking to him, they will use “contamination” to frighten people away.

The now-non-leper doesn’t listen, thinking Jesus modest; he broadcasts his healing, and Jesus has to discontinue teaching and healing for awhile because of crowd-control.


Matthew 8 :2-4,  Mark 1:40-44,  Luke 5 :12-16  *Galations 1:4,  1John 5:14-15,  1John 1:9  **Acts 6:7

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