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#89 God’s Law of Love

The religious leaders are proud of their law-keeping. To them it sounds like Jesus is destroying the law. So Jesus says, “I haven’t come to destroy law but to fulfill…” He had come to demonstrate true obedience.

He was merely clearing away the trash they had piled on top of the law’s principles. If the law could have been changed, Jesus would not have had to take our consequences.

God gave his law to shield us from the results of living what comes naturally–broken relationships, broken health, and finally death. His law is His thoughts of love, and when embraced becomes our desires, keeping us from separating from him.

God wants us to be happy. Obeying Him brings joy. The song the angels sang at Jesus’ birth, “Glory to God in the highest, and peace, good will toward men…”* proclaimed the two principles of God’s law.

They were explained at Sinai to protect the people from themselves, each other, and separating from God–sin. No one who hates God’s way can live in His kingdom. Broken humans can be righteous only if they maintain a connection with God.

So after talking to them about how much God loves them, Jesus says, “Be careful how you see… your perception will fill you with light or darkness.”

Your thoughts determine your interpretation of what you see. This becomes your perception and affects the choices you make. These turn into beliefs you will act out.** Perception determines your reality.

Matthew 5: 17-6:24, *Luke 2:14  **Matthew 6:21-24

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