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#167 Back to Life

The commotion of mourners allows Martha to tell Mary privately where Jesus is waiting for her.

Immediately Mary runs to him with the same, “If you’d been here my brother wouldn’t have died,” while she sinks at his feet sobbing.

She was followed. Now everyone is crying and Jesus cries too, his tender heart breaking with pain much greater than they comprehend. He sorrows that some of these will soon plan his and Lazarus’ death, hardening themselves against the miracle they are about to experience. He sorrows for all who throughout time will lose themselves forever.

“Where is he buried?” he asks.

They lead him to the cave, Jesus lamenting over all those he can’t save. Some ask others, “But couldn’t he have saved Lazarus?”

“Take away the stone,” Jesus says.

But Martha, thinking he just wants to view him, objects, “It’s been four days, he will smell.”

“If you believe, you will see God’s goodness; move the stone.”

He could’ve rolled it with a word, but divine power is not summoned to do what human power can do.

The stone gone, all see and smell his body.

Jesus looks up, “Father, thank you for hearing me…” (establishing his power source). Then he calls, “Lazarus, come out!”

No one breathes. Eyes and ears strain, there is a stir inside the cave and Lazarus struggles to the door, grave clothes restricting him.

“Untie him, and set him free,” directs Jesus, again showing that God invites, even depends upon, our involvement.

John 11:28-44


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