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#168 The Lazarus Effect

Lazarus is unwrapped, as the crowd watches in awe. He hugs Mary, Martha, and Jesus, and then the celebrating and thanksgiving break out!

Many now believe in Jesus, who slips away unnoticed. But the priests are too overcome to try to take him, they rush back to Jerusalem, beside themselves with facts and fury. The news spreads with the speed of a wild fire. God’s crowning evidence that Jesus is Messiah produces rage.

Even the Sadducees are upset. Normally they advocate moderation, preferring good relations with Rome. But their “science” claims it is impossible to bring a dead body back to life, and Jesus has just blown their theories, showing that they don’t know God’s power or the scriptures just as Jesus said. Their haughty condescension is suddenly fanned into hate.

Now Sadducees and Pharisees unite, in alarm calling a council of the Sanhedrin to which Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus are not summoned. They have prevented taking action against Jesus in the past. There are others who believe in Jesus, but their influence is as nothing against the hatred of the assembly.

However, there is One who restrains. Spirit is there bringing scenes from the past to their minds with amazing clarity, all the way back to Jesus’ first Passover, when at 12 he taught scripture to them.  The true meaning of these scriptures now flash into their minds, and they are convicted of their fulfillment, that they are fighting against God. The council becomes divided, and pandemonium reigns.

John 11:45-48

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