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#184 True Worship Restored

A crowd all but runs from the temple meeting others who are looking for Jesus. Hearing their account, some turn back afraid, but many press on to see the one they’ve come to as their last hope.

Many stayed in the temple, hearts thrilling at the power of his kingly majesty, never before shown like this. They can’t intimidate him.

Jesus heals the sick and dying, and takes the children on his lap receiving their grateful kisses. Everyone, especially the children, shout praises to God which come alive bouncing off of marble walls and floors.

What a different scene the priests and rulers witness as they slowly return! They fear Jesus will take the throne of David, but they find people getting healed, rejoicing in new health and their ability to see, to hear, to leap and run, praises ringing. For a time they stare, stopped by the wonderful scene, unable to move.

The praise calms into little ones falling asleep in Jesus arms as he teaches the people seated around him.

Finally the priests press forward shushing the children who are still shouting, the sound of their unrestrained voices and running feet offends them.

Their words have no effect at all, so they speak to Jesus. “Do you hear this? Stop them!” they say to him.

“Haven’t you read?” asks Jesus, “Out of the mouth of babes You have perfected praise,” He quotes David, implying that prophecy is being fulfilled, and everything is as it should be.*

Matthew 21:14-22,  Mark 11:18-26,  Luke 19:47-48   *Psalm 8

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