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#209 Connection is Life, Safety, and Happiness

They sing the joyful Passover hallel* of praise, and leave the upper room.

As they walk to Mt. Olivet, Jesus tells them, “All of you will be ashamed of me tonight…”

Peter is adamant now! “Even if they leave, I won’t. I’m ready to die with you!”

Again Jesus tries to raise his consciousness. If only he’d believe his danger and ask for help!

But Peter thinks it’s cruel to mistrust him, becoming more assertive in his self-confidence. “If I should die with you, I won’t deny you!” And the others echoed him.

Jesus looks at all of them with compassion, “I will meet you in Galilee after I am risen,” he says. Then his eye catches a grape vine reflecting the bright Passover moonlight.

“I am the true vine, and you are the branches…” he says, illustrating connection with him–“If you have a constant flow of love from me, maintained daily, there is no danger you will wither. Only if you leave me and separate will you have no fruit and shrivel up. My Father prunes the branches for growth; it’s painful, but He is careful, just enough so Spirit’s power can flow and work.”

Then he shifts to present circumstances and says, “Satan comes, but finds nothing in me.”  He anticipates victory.

Then he prays for them and for us, “Father, keep all of mine from evil; make them know You, make their hearts one with Us, so we can live in Your eternal happiness together.”

Matthew 26:30-35,  Mark 14:26-31,  John 14:28-17  *(Psalm 117)



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