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#231 One Last Choice

The soldiers thrust the cross into the hole for it, causing agony to Jesus.

“I’m thirsty” he says as he hangs between heaven and earth.

A soldier brings a sedating mix for pain, but after tasting it, Jesus refuses it. His mind must be clear. Faith is all he has to keep hold on God, his only strength.

The soldiers divide his clothing and roll dice for his seamless robe.

Mocking and jesting increase, “If you’re the son of God, come down from the cross and we’ll believe you,” sneers one priest.

“Yes, he trusted in God, let Him save him now if he wants him,” adds another.

Jesus could come down, but he chooses to win the war and us.

The thieves hanging on either side join the abuse in the beginning, but one is not a hardened criminal.

He’d heard Jesus speak, and his heart responded but was misguided by the priests. To silence his conviction and conscience he became defiant, until arrested with Barabbas and condemned to die. Watching and listening, from Pilate’s hall to now, Spirit convicts him that Jesus is the Messiah, God’s sacrifice, now he has nothing to lose.

When his comrade says “If you’re the Christ, save yourself and us!”

He responds, “Don’t you respect God even when you’re dying?  We deserve this, but he doesn’t.”  Then to Jesus he says, “Lord, remember me when you receive your kingdom.”

The people below are stunned; they stop talking to listen, waiting for Jesus’ response.

Matthew 27:33-44,  Mark 15:22-32,  Luke 23:35-42,  John 19:23-24

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