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#260 Here’s to Easter!

Because Easter is irregular and comes at greatly varying intervals, scheduling God-in-a-Box to fall in synch with it has been a challenge. Next week is leading up to Easter Sunday, and instead of restarting the whole God-in-a-Box cycle of blogs, I’m impressed to retell the resurrection.

So next week you’ll be receiving blogs on the resurrection, written to celebrate Easter.

You’ve now read the story as recorded in scripture. If you believe the story, it’s clear that Jesus was God. As my daughter said, “Anyone can claim to be the Son of God, but only one person rose from the dead to prove it.”

He was a man in history, 33 years old, crucified for claiming to be God. He rose from the dead and went back to heaven.

How do we Know? Because of eyewitness accounts of men who knew him–some of them their whole lives. Others only 2 years, and it changed them forever.

This great teacher changed history. His teaching is recognized as sublime world-wide. Yet if he claimed to be something that he’s not–especially God–he’s a fake, or a lunatic. Good men don’t lie, and crazy men don’t change lives and history for the better.

On the surface, it seems sweet that God would come and die for us, but it is so much bigger than that. Did God kill Jesus so He didn’t have to kill us? Is that how He keeps order–by destroying?

Who would want to spend eternity with a God who says, “Obey me or I’ll kill you”?

Nobody. But that is what Satan said about Him–God is unfair and selfish, demanding His way or death.

So God came himself to set the record straight, (since the position of God is filled by three, he could do that) and provide a way back to our original state of bliss for all who believe God is like Jesus.

See for yourself. Ask God to show you His reality. He will let you do life on your own if you want. He is very respectful of freedom, so you have to ask. But if you sincerely want to know–ask Him for truth.

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