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#262 Stuck in “How Could this Happen?”

Suddenly Mary remember’s Lazarus’ tomb, but before she can say it, a rich man from the Sanhedrin comes up and asks John to help him bury Jesus’ body, assuring them  he’s been to Pilate and it’s alright.

While they’re talking, Nicodemus shows up with new linens and a hundred pounds of aloes and spices to bury Jesus.

Again Mary and John exchange glances. This time their eyes say, Did you have any idea? They feel oddly joyful in their pain. “Jesus will have an honored burial, a real grave!” she says as she hugs his mother.

John, awed and happy to be included in honoring Jesus with these rich, important men, immediately goes with Joseph to the Centurion to ask for Jesus’ body. His heart is breaking, but there is something stirring inside, certainly gratitude for these two men, but could it be hope? How? There hope died with Jesus.

They clean the blood from his face and body while his mother holds him, and wrap him in the linens Nicodemus bought, all of them dripping tears on Jesus’ body. Joseph tells them about his tomb, which he gifts to Jesus, “It’s nearby in a garden,” and they carry him there in a sheet with the women following.

The three of them roll the huge stone in front of the doorway, and go home to keep the Passover Sabbath.

The women linger, crying together in the comfort of shared grief, agreeing to meet there early Sunday morning, then sadly head home.

If only they remembered his words…


based on Matthew 28:55-61,  Mark 15:39-47,  Luke 24:49-56, John 20:38-42



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