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#263 When You Don’t Remember, You Suffer

Odd that they don’t remember Jesus words about rising again. The priests remember.

It just shows how Satan messes with those he controls. Now he brings them into fear that Jesus will rise again. Is he afraid? Absolutely. Does he really think anything humans do will keep God down? Maybe he’s began believing his own lies that God is picky and exacting. Even though he watched Jesus, dogged his steps his whole life, maybe he thinks Jesus made a mistake–didn’t do it perfectly.

Silly that he doesn’t realize the more they do, getting a Roman seal for the tomb, asking Pilate to order a watch, just increases the number of witnesses to the reality. And Roman witnesses! Now a whole watch will confirm Jesus’ resurrection. Even though Satan uses bribery and lies, truth always comes to the top. It gets to those who want it.

Nevertheless, priests who wouldn’t cross a Gentile doorway yesterday, go right into Pilate’s palace today driven by fear.

Meanwhile, the disciples are getting one thing right–they are staying together in the upper room, sharing their grief instead of isolating–even Peter in his shame, is with them, unable to keep his failure a secret, he’s shared it along with the sharing of their pain. “I know he forgave me, I saw it in his face, he looked at me when the rooster crowed. But how could I do that to him?”

They talked and wept all night, lamenting their failure in the garden. Did they cause this?

A knock jolts them to notice it’s getting light.

based on Matthew 27:62-66,  Mark 16:9-11,   John 20:1-2,  Luke 24:33

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