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#264 Unnecessary Fear

It’s still dark when Mary leaves home to walk to Jesus’ tomb. I wasn’t sleeping anyway, might as well start walking. My mind has been reeling all night, replaying everything. I still can’t believe he is dead…another earthquake? Even nature seems upset. There’s light in the distance. I hope it isn’t a fire.

Little does Mary know that at this very instant Gabriel is calling Jesus, “Son of God, Your Father calls You!”

Roman soldiers are transfixed, unable to move, they stare as Jesus walks out, radiant. It really was the Son of God we crucified on Friday!

A whole crowd of angels began to shout and sing, and overcome by the light, the soldiers faint.

When the angels disappear they revive, comparing with each other what they saw, “Did you see him come out of the tomb? That was the same guy crucified, right?”

Then still in wonder, still shaking, still talking, they head for Pilate to tell him. They meet people along the way and tell them what they’ve seen. There is no thought of propriety or secrecy. They have just experienced the biggest event of their lives–Jesus’ resurrection. The only humans who actually saw it.

The priests’ spies hear and redirect them,”Tell the priests first.”

Why do they? Shock must cause them to comply.

Mary reaches the garden and sees the tomb wide open. She obviously doesn’t look inside, angels and Jesus are waiting. She’s to be first to see Him. But she is so upset she runs on, I’ve got to tell the disciples someone stole him!

based on Matthew 28:1-4, 11-15,  Mark 16:1-11,  John 20:1-2,  Luke 24:1-2

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