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#265 He’s Alive! It’s So God!

A disciple opens the door and Mary is gasping for breath. They bring her in and she tries, “Someone—has stolen—Jesus!”

“What?” they all say at once. “How do you know?”

“I was there—the stone—moved—it’s wide open!”

John and Peter jump up and head for the door. Mary follows–heart pounding. They run, she can’t, and so walks back behind.

The other women have already been there. Mary wasn’t there, but they saw angels who say, “Jesus is risen, come see, and go tell the others.” They leave–afraid to say anything–until they see Jesus.

John gets there first, stopping at the doorway and looking in. Peter runs right in. They look around and see the folded grave clothes. No robber would have folded

Interesting that they don’t see angels.

Suddenly John remembers Jesus’ words. “Remember, he said he would rise the third day!” Peter still can’t speak.

In awe they turn and leave, going back to tell the others. They pass Mary, still crying, continuing to the empty grave. She goes into the tomb this time and the angels ask her why she’s crying.

“Because someone has taken my Lord,” she doesn’t even notice she’s talking to angels! She has to find out where he is.

She walks outside and through her tears sees someone she suspects is the gardener. He asks if he can help.

“Sir if you’ve taken him…”

“Mary,” Jesus says, and she recognizes his voice.

He’s alive! Mary is first honored. God obviously planned it. Jesus waited. The lowest is highest. The last is first. It’s so God!


(A guest post on the resurrection is coming tomorrow from my daughter–the other half of “About Us” at http://Godhelps.net.)
based on John 20:1-16, Luke 24:1-12, Mark 16:1-11, Matthew 28:5-10


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