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#17 Guided by God

The Magi are scholars, honest-hearted men, but the priests in Jerusalem cannot concede that God would pass by them and tell these “heathen.” They won’t be taught by them! They won’t even go to Bethlehem to investigate!

A bit of a spectacle, these Magi entering Jerusalem on their camels decked out for royalty, had made the news of their questions and their mission spread like fire.

The priests label it “fanaticism,” feeling slighted and unwilling to believe, and forgetting that God had given them the first sign in Zacharias’ son, John, (the Messiah’s forerunner.)

The vivid account of the shepherd’s angelic vision had also reached them and was discounted.

But Herod is not derailed by their dismissive attitude. His road to the throne was paved with murder. He takes every threat to his rule seriously. When he questions the priests, he thinks them purposely hiding info and goes straight to the Magi.

“Messiah is born?” he questions eagerly, “How wonderful! Please find him and come and tell me so I can worship him too!” Pretending to be truly seeking and joyful like them, his act fools even these wise men.

Expectations disappointed, and questions growing, they leave Jerusalem at evening. This is not at all what they expected.

Little do they know what kind of king they seek. Then as the sky darkens, they see the star and their joy and confidence revive. The stars they know. They are being guided by God!

Sometimes God’s guidance doesn’t bring what we expect.

Matthew 2:1-10

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