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#21 Understanding Comes at Passover

In Jewish culture, twelve was when a boy was perceived to leave childhood and become “a son of the law” and “a son of God.”

And so as expected, Jesus at twelve, accompanies Mary and Joseph on their annual journey. This is the only Biblical story of Jesus’ childhood, his trip to Jerusalem for Passover–the highest celebration of the year.*

Passover had its beginning the night of the exodus from Egypt and was the most sacred and best attended of the three annual feasts. Large caravans travel through the green and flowering countryside. This festive Spring celebration is meant to revive joy and focus the people on God’s protection and restoration.

While Jesus knows the story, this is the first time he has seen the temple and the impressive rites in Jerusalem. His independent thinking causes Joseph and Mary concern, and they hope he will be impressed to reverence the priests.

All the ceremonies are representations of the Messiah and his work, and Spirit speaks to Jesus as the symbols come alive to him about His life and purpose. Afterwards, deep in contemplation, he wants to be alone. This is heavy.

So he lingers in the temple when the others leave.

Then needing to see if anyone understands, he goes to the school room off of the temple and sits down with the rabbis’ students. Presenting himself as seeking knowledge, every question he asks puts truth in new perspective. God is trying to give light to these leaders of Israel.

Luke 2:41-51

One Response to “#21 Understanding Comes at Passover”

  1. Wow…and because of that journey Jesus took here on earth we get to now have the same understanding Jesus got from the Father. We get to teach people what the Father through the Spirit of Jesus has taught us!

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