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#25 Identity

The critical decade for identity is considered to be age 16-26, the latter age being when our brains have finished developing, built on the terribly important foundation of birth to 7 years.

Did Jesus identity form his religion? Or his religion form his identity? Hard to say; he was connected to God from birth, forming both his identity and religion.

Connected from birth? Yes, he was the one man on whom was the Spirit without measure. The one man who didn’t battle with darkness inside.*

He loved people and didn’t overlook anyone, even those losing a fight with evil. He was cheerful and joyful and encouraged people to see themselves as God did, full of His gifts which they could use now and in eternity.

But, his integrity and conscience were often made fun of and ridiculed. No one understood him. He wouldn’t retaliate or defend himself. He respected his parents, even when he didn’t agree with them. And he waited on God to signal the beginning of his ministry until he was 30! We are hard-wired for struggle!

Imagine learning at 12 that you are the Messiah and understanding the suffering and death ahead. Or discovering that you existed before and had all power within you, but you couldn’t use it unless God directed or agreed.**

Jesus knew who He was. It gave him tremendous strength and freedom. Plus an incredible requirement for staying in submission to God, and an awful responsibility for waking us up.***

*Psalm 22:9-10,  1 John 1:5,  John 1:16  John 1:9,  Colossians 1:15,  **John 5;19-20,  Isaiah 50:4   ***John 13:1-4

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