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#26 Messiah’s Forerunner–the First Sign

Jesus’ forerunner was his cousin John, known as the Baptist because he brought the symbol of cleansing from Mikveh to baptism to show the people that a change heart was needed.

Remember he was born to Mary’s aunt, Elizabeth, and the priest Zacharias? His birth was considered miraculous. While not as old as Abraham and Sarah, they were well past childbearing years.

It happened like this, Zacharias had been serving his week as priest in Jerusalem and was in the temple when Gabriel appeared to him. He had the usual fear response even though the angel said he had come with great news–Zach was going to be a father!

Zacharias’ response was not like Mary’s even though he knows the story of Abraham well. So he asked for a sign, and he was made mute until the baby was born.

He came out of the temple, face shining, but couldn’t speak to the people. This helped to heighten the news that like Abraham and Sarah, Zacharias and Elizabeth were going to have a son, in their old age. He would be the Lord’s messenger and would fulfill Isaiah’s prophecy to prepare the nation for their Messiah!

So God did give the first sign of The Messiah to the priests — the leaders of Israel. And in such a way to attract attention and send the message: God’s power is not limited except by your lack of faith.

What we can’t do, will be done by God in every willing believer.*

Luke 1:5-23,   *Ephesians 3:20

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