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#29 The Baptism

Jesus was 30, and still working in what had been Joseph’s carpenter shop, when he hears it. Perhaps he was bent over a chair he’s repairing, and a friend stops by,

“Have you been to hear the baptist in the wilderness? Everyone is going.”

Jesus feels his heart jump as He recognizes the signal. John has begun to preach.

Though cousins, God had kept them apart so no one could say they had conspired to set Jesus up as the Messiah. John had heard from his parents the stories about Jesus, but in his solitary years he had wondered could he really be the Messiah?

Spirit had revealed to John that the Messiah would come to him for baptism, and he would be given a sign so he could present him to the people.

Then Jesus came. And John feels a presence like he has never felt. He feels inadequate to baptize so authentic, so pure a human being. Here is one who is whole, who though separated physically from God as any of us, diffuses a oneness with God that could be seen and felt!  No cleansing is needed.

“You come to me? No, You should baptize me!” is John’s automatic response to Jesus’ request.

Jesus is firm. “Allow it for them.” He nods toward the crowd. “It’s a good thing for us to model an example for them.”

Coming out of the water, Jesus lifts his face, kneels on the riverbank and pours out his heart to God.

Matt 3:13-15

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