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#31 The Wilderness Experience

Jesus’ rises from his prayer after baptism longing to be alone with God. Spirit guides him further into the wilderness where He is completely absorbed in the presence of God, contemplating his ministry.

In the glory he feels no need. But then it departs because he must pass the test of doubt where Eve, and then Adam, had failed.

Satan was at the baptism. Intently watching, he senses that man’s direct connection with God, which he had broken through Eve’s doubt and so kept from all men, has been reinstated by the Father’s word of approval to Jesus. So he follows Jesus to the wilderness, waiting, scheming how best to overcome his arch rival, now a man. He sees that he must conquer or be conquered.

Though Satan has hasseled Jesus indirectly throughout life, I imagine he asked for one direct encounter as he was allowed with Eve, then Job, and later requested with Peter. Permission granted, the stakes are high. Whereas Eve, had no need of food, her test was simply on trust and appetite (“You should have more”), Jesus needs food.

So Satan waits. Watching for human need to take over His mind. Satan has won many battles this way (Elijah standing against the priests of Baal and then running from Jezebel is one of the best-known).

Jesus is in extreme need, extreme weakness. Defenses are down–the worst time for a test.

Satan approaches, waiting until he has to act, or have God step in.

Matthew 4:1-2,  Mark 1:12-13,  Luke 4:1-2

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