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#42 Messiah Announces Himself

From the wedding, Jesus and his four friends spend a few days with his family in Capernaum.

Then leaving for Jerusalem to attend Passover–his first since entering his ministry–they walk with a large crowd.

It’s Spring, the people are light-hearted, the countryside beautiful, and the conversation always goes to talk of the Messiah and national greatness. Jesus tries to open their minds to scripture. He can see how far they are from a true understanding of his mission. He also sees how much they want to believe what they believe.

Arriving at the temple, its courts are full of cows, sheep, and doves being sold for sacrifice. The mooing, bleating and cooing, along with the voices of distressed or angry people who know they are being robbed but are desperate because of their beliefs, and the clinking coins being exchanged for temple currency, make a din that drowns out the sounds of worship. The prayers inside can’t even be heard by the worshipers.

Jesus takes in the scene: anger at the greed, and sadness for their ignorance, mixing and rising. His presence is felt. The divine presence flashes through the man. It fills the place. A hush falls. The noise stops as all eyes are drawn to him. He seems larger than life. They can’t look away. The silence is painful.

Slowly coming down the steps, his face illumined, his hand holding cords he has gathered, he speaks, his voice ringing through temple arches. “You’ve made my Father’s house into a market!”

John 2:12-16

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