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#52 Revelation of the Messiah

Jesus’ answer to the Samaritan woman is full of tact but he doesn’t hide. And now he allows her to steer the conversation away from her, but he steps right into centuries of controversy with decisive words, watching for an opportunity to get back to her heart.

“The time is coming when the place of worship won’t matter, what matters is knowing God. Your idols show you don’t know Him; but we know Him because Messiah comes through the Jews. It’s time for true worship to show itself in delighted obedience. These are the worshipers God wants, and it requires your willingness and God’s working.”

She has never heard anything like this from her religion or theirs. Never has she felt such a “thirst” for something better. She has read and desired to understand scripture. Could this man be the Messiah? she wonders as Spirit opens her inner eyes.

“I know Messiah is coming and will make everything plain,” she says.

“I am He.” Jesus reveals.

Jesus trusts his clearest revelation to an outcast woman because she is receptive. He can’t be this open with the self-satisfied priests and rabbis back home. But he knows the heart he has given his secret to, knows she will share the honor and her joy bubbling up like a spring inside.

Just then his disciples return, amazed that he is speaking with a woman–and a Samaritan. They say nothing, but it is months before they understand Jesus’ actions. They are shocked.

John 4:20-21

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