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#53 The Stretch

When Jesus’ friends walk up, the Samaritan woman leaves.

Forgetting her waterpot, her errand, and Jesus’ thirst speaks clearly of her excitement, as she runs to the leading men of the city with her discovery, “Come and see a man that told me my whole life, could this be the Messiah?”

They see the difference in her face and go to investigate.

The disciples see Jesus’ face and hesitate to interrupt his meditation, but remember how He needed food.

He loves their concern, and reassures them that he’s been nourished. They wonder if the woman gave him food, and he shares the satisfying effect he feels from having one person respond to him with faith.

As a mother delights in the smile of recognition from her baby, so he delights when we “get” who He is.

Jesus knows the woman accepts his words, and the joy she wants to share. As he sees the sun reflecting white on green fields, he comments to his disciples, “I know you think there’s four months to harvest, but there is one ready here now.”

Just then, Samaritan men began coming to the well and crowding him with questions, begging him to stay and teach them.

What a difference from the skepticism at home! For two days Jesus and his friends stay, eat, and sleep as guests of Samaritans who don’t need miracles.

The disciples are extremely uncomfortable, and amazed at Jesus.

But years later they are so grateful for the experience and his example of unprejudiced acceptance.

John 4:27-42

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