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#59 Dependence on God is Acquittal

Jesus before the Sanhedrin begins by saying, “Sabbath healing is consistent with God’s law. He maintains the universe–even on Sabbath. And I work with Him.”

The priests become indignant, “He’s claiming equality with God! This is blasphemy!”

They get it. He is not claiming sonship as they do. He is claiming to be One in nature and will with the Father.

Jesus refuses their charges telling them he doesn’t make his own plans, but depends on God to show him His work day by day.  He models dependence on God–teaching that we may have it too–and see ourselves as always under His care. As long as we give ourselves to God, His will guides us.

He tells them his authority is doing the work he came into the world to do–the very thing he’s arraigned for–adding, “The Son of Man will even call dead people back to life. God has committed all judgment to him, and those who believe in him don’t come under judgment.” God’s Spirit inside means resurrection power working in you now.*

He charges them with unbelief, “Moses will accuse you…for Moses wrote of me, but if you don’t believe Moses, how will you believe me?”

They are incensed! They know Moses words!  And they are speechless.

His authority is unquestionable…

But they recover and send warnings of him, the impostor Messiah, throughout the country.

He had violated their traditions, and they would not be taught. As they close their hearts, they become controlled by Satan.

John 5:17-47  *Ephesians 1:19, 3:20

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