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#83 The Chosen

Jesus had always enjoyed being outdoors, especially when it was just him and his Father God, enjoying time together. And he loved sunrises.

This special dawn he had spent the whole night in prayer on the mountain, while his followers slept at the bottom. Today he would choose twelve men to spend the next two years in his constant presence. Men who would represent him to Israel and later to the world.

Six of them had spent much of the last year with him–John and Andrew following from John the Baptist’s endorsement. Andrew brought Peter.* Philip brought Nathaniel. He had been first to hear “Follow Me.”*

Matthew had just recently heard, “Follow me.”

James and John had been with him the longest. Some think they were his cousins. They were often called the “Sons of Thunder” because they were known for their hot-headed tempers. As was the Canaanite zealot, Simon, hater of Rome.

John, the youngest of all the disciples, opened his heart completely with the confident trust of a child. He was considered the closest to Jesus by the others. He was deep and feeling, a fiery contemplative.

Peter was impulsive, often making rash judgments before having a full understanding, but he was generous and sympathetic.

Philip was sincere and quick to share, but slow in believing and accepting Jesus words. Like Thomas, often his responses showed unbelief, needing evidence.**

Nathaniel studied to resolve his doubt about Jesus’ poverty–so different from what he’d expected and had been taught–but now he was devoted.***

Luke 6:12-16, Mark 3:13-19, Matthew 10,  *John 1:40-43, Matthew 4:18-22  **John 14:5-11  ***John 1:45-51


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