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#90 Being Real

Pretending to be God’s is worthless. Unless you love truth, it becomes a curse, twisting and strangling love, and making you judgmental.

Jesus shows how far God’s principles reach. If you indulge pornography, you violate women and yourself–you will soon be addicted. If you hold on to hate and anger, you are starting down the path of murder.

There is righteous anger at seeing innocents hurt or oppressed. But feeling free to “go off” over any slight, opens the mind to Satan’s way. Retaliation hurts us–programming us into hurtful people. Even agreeing with the thoughts demons suggest (negative ones you think are your own) allows them to take control.

Jesus pushes it further. If you come to God and remember someone has something against you, go and do what you can to restore harmony. Then let go.

Those who walk with God are surrounded with the atmosphere of heaven. Jesus knows because he does. It’s a choice. Jesus shows that the source of joy is God’s mind and heart! “He is kind to the unthankful and the evil.”

“Don’t be anxious for tomorrow,” says Jesus. “You have a loving Father, believe His love, rest in His care.” We are never absent from his mind, and He loves to give us everything we need, one day at a time. As sunlight reveals the color in the world, so God’s presence reveals the beauty in us.

“Everyone who hears my words and does them,” ends Jesus, “is a wise man…building on a strong foundation.”

Matthew 5:27-7:29

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