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#95 What God Can’t Do

Jesus’ brothers shudder at His plain words to the Pharisees who attributed His work to Satan. Jesus says they are cutting themselves off from God.

The leaders hear Spirit inside urging them to accept Him. They feel longing for His rest. But after rejecting him, it is too humiliating. Pride keeps them tied to unbelief, creating barriers in their hearts, resisting his love.

The strongest power on earth is drawing them. They will not yield. Having chosen that path, they have to work to misrepresent His words and His work.

God does not harden hearts or blind eyes. His love enlightens, drawing us to safety. Surrendering makes us His “fortress” in this war. Resisting His love, His light, hardens our hearts and blinds our eyes.

Not yielding, or ignoring Spirit, can sweep us into enemy territory, leaving us open to hostile takeover.  False self is extremely vulnerable to separating from God. We cannot be our own kingdom, but we must choose God’s. We surrender to God, or are taken over by the enemy.*

If we resist, ignore, or flat out reject the work of Spirit, we are cutting off God’s channel of communication. Completely and finally rejected, there is no way God can reach us, further attempts are useless.

Satan takes advantage of our neglect or resistance to God, suggesting words that our agreement turns into beliefs.

But those who want a personal relationship with God will be safe, and experience His continual love which far outshines the most tender human love possible.**

Matthew 12:22-50   *1Peter 5:6-10,   **Isaiah 43:1,  John 10:10,28

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