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#169 A Battle for Minds Rages

The council is in confusion and fear–everyone talking at once. Caiaphas, the haughty and calculating high priest, stands and says, “You all know nothing. It is better that one man die for the people, than that we lose our nation.”

Blindly he twists his limited knowledge of scripture into the heathen practice of human sacrifice, yet unknowingly acknowledging Jesus fulfillment of prophecy.

Caiaphas is cruel, proud, and intolerant. “Even if Jesus is innocent” he urges, “he has weakened the people’s confidence in us. His followers will now likely revolt, and Rome will crush the uprising and destroy our temple and our culture.”

Satan whispers, You must put Jesus to death to maintain authority. He works to regain control of their minds, recently convicted by Spirit. He reminds them, Jesus set you aside, teaching the people to go directly to God, exposing you as evil and pretentious.

With the exception of a few, the Sanhedrin heard Caiaphas as if God spoke through him, locking themselves in darkness. Yet they felt pleased with their deceived decision and relief replaced the discord.

But they weren’t anxious to carry out the sentence and turn the tide of feeling into violence against them.

Jesus took his disciples to Ephraim to avoid controversy. He who had always worked for the uplifting and healing of all around him, couldn’t reach the hearts of those blinded by prejudice and hatred–those closed minds.

Three years was as long as humanity could tolerate Jesus’ active compassion–God’s presence on earth.

John 11:46-54

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