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#172 Universal Laws

Competition is at its peak when Jesus says to his disciples, “You know that those who rule the world, do it by controlling and authority, but it won’t be that way with you.”

Most kings believed that the lower classes existed for benefit of the ruling class. Money, education and influence were means to control the masses who served them. Religion was no different. The right of man to think and act for himself was completely unrecognized then.

Jesus is introducing a new paradigm with the principle of love at its foundation. Love respects the rights and freedom of all.  Every person must be free to think and follow his own convictions. In matters of conscience, all minds must decide for themselves.*

No one has the right to control another. Strength, gifts, education, or money put you under a greater responsibility to serve well those under you.  And it is the leaders who serve in love who are greatest in God’s kingdom.

Conversely, no one has the right to merge his individuality into another. Weakness, timidity or confusion is not an excuse for you to have others make your choices.

God gives every man and woman the freedom and the responsibility to choose. Spirit is available to everyone who wants help. Tell Him your dilemma, and expect Him to supply wisdom.

We are judged by Love alone. Our motives spread life or death.

In God’s kingdom, the highest recognition is for serving in love, or suffering injustice for defending Him.

Matthew 20:25-28,  Mark 10:42-45   *Romans 14:5,12

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