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#198 The Return of the King

In love to his disciples who don’t comprehend what is just about to happen, Jesus veils the future and the centuries of suffering his people will pass through because of the hatred of his enemies and faithfulness to him. Looking far ahead, he says there will be trouble such as never before.

But he does specifically address the end of Jerusalem saying, “When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies know its destruction is near, and leave.” (Eusebius records that the Christians remembered his advice and not one died in Jerusalem’s fall.)

Then he describes his coming, “If anyone says I am here or there, don’t go to see, because the deception will be good enough to deceive even my friends if I allowed it. But as the lightening is seen in the east and west, so shall my coming be.

Global? How can that be on a spherical planet?

It will be so big it will fill our  solar system, maybe our galaxy! It will engulf our world.

Jesus says, “Stay alert, aware of me, because if you become mindless, or preoccupied with problems, worries, or pleasures, it will come on you as a thief in the night. For it will be as the days of Noah; men were going on with their lives and weren’t expecting the flood…didn’t believe it would happen. But when you see signs in the heavens and the ‘abomination of desolation’, spoken of by the prophet Daniel*, know it’s near, at the very door.”

Matthew 24:9-44,  Mark 13:9-37,  Luke 21:12-36   *Daniel 9:25-27, 11:31


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