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3 The Unraveling

We are living the unraveling of events after the climax of the plot—also called the denoument in literature.

Satan has misrepresented God as scary, exacting and vengeful, saying, “They demand ‘Serve Us or We’ll kill you’.”

That is why God had to keep Satan and his sympathizers alive. Separated they would have died. And because no one had seen death, they would have wondered if God had killed them. Fear would have left bigger questions than watching them develop evil characters, the world run on entropy.

Jesus came to undo Satan’s work. He was a man connected to God just as we can be. It was God taking responsibility for creating a system that runs on freedom, where choice is honored and evil is allowed, til choices are clear.*

Jesus’ loving and giving attitude contrasted sharply with Satan’s demanding and grasping attitude. Jesus vindicated God’s government and His right to rule. He is God’s incredible gift–“God with us”–unjustly treated as the worst evil, so we might receive His honor.

Our world, which Satan claimed as his, has been ransomed, and will be forever exalted in God’s vast universe. It is where the war was won. We will always be special to the Father. Here God fathered a son who was born, grew into a man, and won back the world Adam forfeited.

By Jesus’ loyalty, trusting God even through death, the universe sees who is telling the truth. Clearly there is a difference between God’s purpose and Satan’s purpose–between God’s character and Satan’s.

John 1:1-18,  Philippians 2:5-11,  Isaiah 52:5-10

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