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5 The Twisting of Religion

God is always on time, but never in a hurry.

The nation who was known as His chosen people had gotten far from Him. Originally, the Jewish system of sacrifice was to show that separation from God caused death. And all the symbols showed that God would come himself to make a rescue.

Satan twisted it in human minds; his whispers suggesting, the animals are taking your place—so God won’t kill you. Satan was once again busy creating religions where “worship” was appeasing angry gods–to the extent of getting humans to sacrifice their children–literally!

Even the Jewish religion, the one God designed, had become so different from what He wanted. If they had stayed close to God, He could have made them “the wise and understanding people” in the eyes of all the nations, as Moses described.* That was what He wanted–a nation that would represent Him as He really was.

He did have a few “real” men like Joseph and Daniel who won high positions and the respect of kings. But mostly Israel turned to God through suffering.

They finally learned that favor depended on obedience to God. But they obeyed for the wrong reason—for His gifts–His favor and protection. They didn’t know God intimately, didn’t long to hear Him speaking love to their hearts–the religion He wanted.

Only by experiencing God in human form would broken humans be drawn to love Him and choose Him. Only love awakens love. Only in changing our perception of God would we change.

*Deuteronomy 4:6-9  Isaiah 1:2-4,  John 1:1-18

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