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Know God in a Year #203 Radical Love

Jesus’ so wants to wash contention and jealousy from the disciples’ hearts. This always stifles communion between him and them. Unless they can come into a state of love and teachability, they aren’t ready to celebrate Passover, can’t learn his memorial, and will be too weak to face his suffering.
Pride and self-elevation create separation and hate, but Jesus’ radical humility removes all this. In washing their feet, he has washed their hearts as well. Now with grateful, teachable hearts they can hear his words.
“You call me Master and Lord, and that’s good, because I am; but a servant is not greater than his lord. Do you know what I’ve done for you? You have clean minds now, but not all of you.”
Through their cooperation he did what they couldn’t do for themselves–changed their perception. But Judas didn’t surrender his pride. And Judas didn’t receive internal change.
We can see the difference; Peter couldn’t stand the thought of being separated from Jesus, but Judas always maintained a separateness.
It isn’t humiliating to Jesus to clean us up. And our truest humility is to receive with gratitude anything he has to give us or teach us. Humility is receiving! Simply being teachable.
Jesus doesn’t want us misled by the selfishness so natural in us. We protect ourselves and our way of seeing things. Our self-exaltation, temper, and self-focus wound him. The only greatness is teachability, the only distinction is service.
Spirit uses this memorial of Jesus’ to energize our minds, break alienation, and fill us with light.
John 13:1-11

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