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Know God in a Year #204 New Symbols of New Life

The system of ceremonies pointing to Jesus’ death for 4,000 years is passing away. The lamb provided by God is fulfilling it, offering the gift of His Life and Presence.
After accepting instruction that serving no way detracts from dignity, and having their hearts washed, the disciples feel clean–forgiven.
In their new state of humility and love, Jesus gives them new wine to drink, saying it’s symbolic of his blood. He also breaks and passes to them unleavened bread calling it his body.
The Passover was celebrated as a reminder of God’s protection from the Destroyer* and their deliverance from Egypt, also the promise of His favor. Now it symbolizes that protection from evil and deliverance from brokenness is here, and Jesus sets up this memorial to remind them of what he has done and will continue to do for them.
“Do this to remember me,” he says, fully conscious of his divinity.
And then sadly, “I said you are clean, but not all of you. One of you will betray me, as Scripture** says…”
The disciples don’t suspect Judas, and are shocked. Which of them could do such a thing? Surely none of them who has been with him, who has been loved by him! Painfully, one after another asks, “Lord, is it I?”
Judas has been silent, and finally, to cover himself, asks the same question.
Jesus responds, “You have said it. Messiah goes as prophesied of him, but how sad for the man who initiates it. It would be better for him if he hadn’t been born.”
Matthew 26:20-29,  Mark 14:17-25,  Luke 22:14-23,  John 13:18-30  *Exodus 12:23 with Hebrews 2:14, **Psalm 41:9

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