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Know God in a Year #206 Anxious Hearts

After Judas leaves, Jesus focuses on the joy of his mission’s outcome. “It’s time for Messiah to be known, and God in him.” He’s joyful that his suffering will clear God’s name, showing His true character to the universe, redeeming man. Spirit shows him the joy and celebration that will spread from world to world throughout creation.
Knowing his disciples aren’t prepared for the next 24 hours and will suffer without this understanding, he comforts them.
“My children, soon I will be leaving you. I want you to love each other, not as you love yourselves–that has been distorted, but as I have loved you. This will show you belong to me.”
The disciples are suddenly filled with fear, He’s leaving us?
Peter asks, “Where are you going?”
“Where you can’t follow now, but you will later,” Jesus answers.
“Why not now? I am ready to die with you!” Peter believes it, but he doesn’t know himself.
“Really?” says Jesus. I tell you truly, before the rooster crows, you will deny that you know me three times.”
Peter is offended that Jesus doesn’t believe him and asserts more self-confidence.  All eleven feel fear of the future. What will happen to them?
“Don’t let your hearts be anxious,” comforts Jesus, “you believe in God; believe in me. My Father has a huge place with many houses, I’m going to get yours ready for you, and when everything is complete, I’ll come back and get you. This is not a final separation. I want you with me.”
Jesus wants us with him!
John 13:31-14:3

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