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Know God in a Year #208 My Love will Keep You!

Now finally they can hear, and instead of revealing the awful events ahead, Jesus gets them ready for his absence; he reveals who he is unmistakably, and their need for connection with him. Then he tells them his desires for them, and the resources available to them–that he hasn’t had anything they can’t have through the Holy Spirit!
As he speaks, his face shines, heaviness gone. They feel heaven is near, convinced they’re hearing from God himself.
He longs for them to know his value of them, and to experience how much he wants us to value ourselves. He says God is happy when we make the highest demands on him to show God’s character of love!
He says, “Ask anything I would ask, and I’ll do it!
“Your joy and power is living in submission to God as I have. The weakest of you can do it because I’m going to the Father; Spirit is my successor. If you invite Me in, Spirit and Father will live in you too. And if you spend time with Us, We will so blend our thoughts and desires with your wishes that Ours and yours will be the same. When doing what you want it will be what We want!”
They’re transfixed, and he assures them, “You won’t feel orphaned. If you love me, my commandments will keep you,* and the Father will send you another comforter, the Spirit, to be your closest friend. He will provide peace, teach you truth, and remind you of my words to you.”
It’s win, win, win.
John 14:11-26   *the literal wording of verse 15 in the Greek text (notice that it fits the context of comforting them)

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