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Know God in a Year #211 The Last Contest Begins

Jesus feels his Father’s presence fading.
Satan is there to suggest that the separation will last forever. From now on you will be identified with my kingdom, never again one with your Father, he whispers. And for what? These people don’t appreciate you anyway. They don’t even understand you. They will fight wars and kill each other in your name. Your own people are seeking to destroy you! One of yours has betrayed you. Another of your closest friends will deny that he knows you. They aren’t worth it! You can skip all this. Go back to heaven where you are appreciated.
“My Father, all is possible for You, please take this away!” Jesus cries, clinging to the ground as if to prevent the separation. “Nevertheless,” he concedes, “I choose your will.”
Longing for understanding and support to break the evil influence, he staggers to the three and finds them asleep. Peter had been ready to die for him, and Jesus asks, “Peter, couldn’t you watch with me one hour?” He is afraid for them. They are so vulnerable.
They didn’t intend to let him down. And they could have shaken off the spell if they had asked God for help. They awaken at his voice, hardly recognizing him in his anguish.
“Your spirit is willing, but your body is weak,” he excuses them.
Exhausted, Jesus struggles back to his place.
Falling again, he sobs in agony, “My Father, if I have to drink this cup, your will be done.”
Matthew 26:39-42,  Mark 14:35-39,  Luke 22:42-44

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