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Know God in a Year #217 The Worst Wound is From a Friend

Through the uproar following Caiaphas’ pronouncement of “Guilty!”, Jesus is taken to the guard room to await a legal trial. Here, unprotected, he is terribly abused by all the fiendish ways Satan can inspire in ignorant, out-of-control men. But the worst hurt comes from a friend…
Peter and John, regrouping, had followed the mob at a distance. A priest, recognizing John, lets him in; and he requests Peter’s entrance also.
But Peter, preferring to assume indifference, hangs-out in the courtyard with others huddled around a fire against the pre-dawn chill.
A woman, the doorkeeper remembers seeing him with John. Curious, she asks if he is a disciple.
Startled, Peter pretends not to understand, and becomes angry with her persistence. “I don’t know him.” he lies, giving the enemy an advantage to him.
His agitation shows, and another asks if he is a follower of Jesus. Again he says vehemently, “I don’t know the man!”
An hour passes with Peter catching glimpses of the trial, trying hard to hide his pain, when a relative of Malchus, whose ear was healed, says, “I saw you with him in the garden…”
Peter flies into a rage and curses, swearing that he doesn’t know Jesus.
A rooster crows. He remembers.
Jesus turns and looks for Peter, whose eyes are drawn to Jesus. Peter sees pity and sorrow in his face, but there is no anger. His heart breaks. He realizes how little he knows himself, but how well Jesus knows him, and he runs out blindly, weeping uncontrollably.
Matt 26:69-75,  Mark 14:66-72,  Luke 22:54-62,  John 18:15-18, 25-27

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