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Know God in a Year #228 Spirit Provides

The Holy Spirit (one of the three-in-one Godhead) is extremely busy.
Not only is Jesus completely relying on Him and has been all night, through all kinds of emotional and physical torture and temptation, but Spirit will keep him through the worst–when he feels totally separated from the Love that has been his sustaining breath. Spirit reminds him of what he knows. Keeps him hanging onto his faith in God’s ultimate goodness and trustworthiness, no matter how he feels.
Spirit is maintaining all who are completely horrified and disoriented by what they are witnessing. Jesus’ mother hopes against hope, that he will free himself and proclaim himself king until she faints at the reality of hammer and spikes. The disciples, disillusioned, fearful, with breaking hearts had all vanished, except John who couldn’t not watch. No matter the pain, he has to see what happens to his beloved Jesus.
Spirit supports them all, knowing they can’t understand. He brings Jesus’ words about his death back to all of them. He knew! He says, trying to give them comfort and sustenance.
In yet others, whom Jesus prayed for generally, He awakens questions, reminding them of bits of scripture they have heard, waking in them a desire to know about these strange happenings. Always impressing them with truth, because only in truth is their comfort; there is no comfort in lies.
The Comforter, this third person of the Godhead, had given up form to be everywhere at once, to comfort and provide the power that activates all of God’s gifts to us.
John 14:16-19, 26,  Acts 2:14-18

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