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Know God in a Year #229 Help is Here

Take one more day to consider God’s Spirit, who has carried Jesus, the man, his whole life–suffering with him the whole time. It intensifies in the garden and now. Spirit is happy He can support him, but how painful it is for Father and Spirit to watch and not be able to step in and stop it. They all have to focus on the reward–the massive collective joy that will come out of their suffering.*
Then realize that Spirit is still suffering–with us. He is God Everywhere. He sustains every one of us, through every suffering, every day, if we ask.
But even if we don’t ask, He’s there watching, hoping we will, so He can do for us. To step in without invitation would be to violate our freedom, and yet He is the only way broken beings have any power against centuries-old strongholds of evil. He and the angels wait, trying to influence us to make the faintest request, the weakest choice.
And asking for help is just the beginning.
Spirit heals our brokenness–makes our hearts whole–helps us manifest God’s character–gives us joy!
Many talk about Spirit and Jesus, but don’t receive help because they want to be in control themselves–they never surrender. And surrender gives us ability to receive!
But if we want to manage ourselves, God will let us.
For those who wait on God–maintaining connection, who watch for His guidance–trusting His goodness; all Help breaks loose!
Isaiah 40:28-31, John 14:11-27,  *Hebrews 12:2

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