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Know God in a Year #240 Perspective Determines Belief

The event that establishes the faith of Joseph and Nicodemus destroys the disciples’ hope.
The women, last to leave the cross, weep as they follow the body of him they have honored and loved. They watch as the huge stone is rolled over the doorway of his tomb. Hating to leave him, they slowly walk home, still crying. They can’t believe he is really dead.
This is a Sabbath none of them will ever forget–priests, rulers, and people.
Passover Sabbath begins with the trumpet’s signal, as it has for centuries, but this time the rites pointing toward God’s lamb are fulfilled. A strangeness seems to fill everything, especially in the temple–the gorgeous torn veil gaping open, still attached at the bottom, revealing how it was torn, and the Most Holy Place.
Not only disciples are sleepless. Many eyes spend the hours between Jesus death and resurrection searching prophecy to make sense of this trauma. Jesus is the only one resting this Sabbath–in his grave.
Never have so many people come looking for the Messiah. The temple courts fill with the disappointed hopes, cries, and tears of those coming to be healed, those bringing their loved ones for his healing touch. They come demanding to see Jesus. “Where is the Messiah who heals the sick and raises the dead?” is heard everywhere. They won’t be turned away.
Finally soldiers are stationed to control those mobbing the temple gates.
The sound of mourning for Jesus fills Jerusalem.
(continued tomorrow)

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