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Know God in a Year #245 God’s Joyful Plan

Very early Sunday morning women are on their way to Jesus’ tomb from different directions. They feel the earthquake and suddenly think of the huge stone doorway, unaware of what’s happening right then, a mile or so away.
Mary Magdalene reaches the grave before the others, and horrified at seeing it open, immediately sets off to tell the disciples. She forgets she’s meeting others, forgets his words about rising again; and takes off running… She obviously didn’t look inside, because angels must be there waiting as they are a few minutes later.
Meanwhile, Mary the mother of James, Joanna, and Salome arrive with embalming spices and find that the stone, they were worried about moving, has been moved! The tomb empty! They see light and notice they’re not alone.
A glowing angel, appearing as a person so he won’t frighten them, says, “Don’t be afraid. I know you are looking for Jesus. He isn’t here, come and see.”
They go inside and see another angel, who says, “Remember what he said to you, that the Son of Man must be crucified and rise again the third day? Go quickly and tell his disciples and Peter.”
The women look at the folded grave clothes, too stunned to say thank you, they turn to go, saying to each other, “He is risen! He is risen!”
They are afraid to tell the disciples saying, “They won’t believe us women.” But Mary has already gotten to them and told them about the empty grave.
“Where is Jesus?”
Matthew 28:1, 5-10,  Mark 16:1-8,  Luke 24:1-9,  John 20:1-2

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