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Know God in a Year #247 God Loves to Honor the Unlikely

Later that Sunday, Jesus appears to all the women and says, “My ladies, look, all of you! I am alive! Go tell the disciples, and Peter, to go to Galilee and I will meet them there.”
Jesus first appears to women! They were considered less than men, usually property, and Jesus honors and comforts them by allowing them to be the first to see Him alive.
Take this honor even further–Mary, the former prostitute, who has had demons cast out seven times, was the first to be honored. The sweetness and kindness of God shine through his treatment of women.
And then there is Peter. He has suffered the most of the eleven since Jesus’ death. That pain-filled, forgiving, loving look of Jesus on that awful night is always in his mind. He is tortured by his failure. He has seen the empty tomb. He aches to believe and know he is forgiven.
How comforting sound the women’s words to him! “We’ve seen Him and He said, ‘Tell my disciples, and Peter, to meet me in Galilee’.”
Peter catches the assurance for him, “He really said ‘and Peter’? Really?” His heart sings! He’s alive and I’m forgiven! He chooses to believe them, and gets his own encounter.*
But most of the disciples don’t believe them. They think they are suffering from delusion, never mind how unlikely that they all have had the same one.
They could be rejoicing with all of heaven that Jesus is alive, but they won’t give up their doubt.
Matthew 28:9-10,  Mark 16:7-8,  Luke 24:9-11,  *24:34

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