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Know God in a Year #248 When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

It’s late Sunday afternoon. Two followers of Jesus are walking the eight miles home to Emmaus after being in Jerusalem for Passover. They’re talking about Jesus death, and their sadness and confusion over the news of the empty tomb.
They are joined by a stranger, but don’t realize that it’s Jesus. They’re intent on their discussion and somehow are kept from recognizing him. He wants to be unrecognized so he can teach them about his mission through the prophecies. If they know him, they will be overjoyed and feel no need of anything more.
He longs to comfort them, and replace their tears with joy, but first he wants them to understand the scriptures pointing to him. So he asks, “What are you discussing that makes you so sad?”
One of them, Cleopas, says, “Are you the only one who doesn’t know what’s happened in Jerusalem?” They tell him about Jesus, a prophet who healed and taught wonderfully, and how they had hoped and believed he was the Messiah.
“But our priests and rulers condemned him and had him crucified. This is the third day and some have seen his empty tomb.”
They see his death as the end of hope, when it’s the opposite. The priests didn’t forget his words; why did they?
“Why are you so slow to believe? And fools when it comes to understanding scripture?” Jesus asks.  Now he has their attention! And beginning with Moses he explains all the prophecies concerning himself to show that Messiah’s suffering and death precedes his glory.
Mark 16:11-12,  Luke 24:13-27

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