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Know God in a Year #30 The Gift of Approval

Angels have never heard such a prayer as Jesus prayed after baptism.

He feels deeply the need of divine power to accomplish His mission. He reaches up to God in faith, craving assurance of His approval and blessing. He knows the conflict that now begins in earnest. He who graciously gave the law will be accused of destroying it. He who came to defeat Satan will be called a devil.

Being misunderstood was something he had lived with his whole life, so now he must know that what he has felt sure of is fact. He knows how hard-hearted men have become. He has seen the power Satan holds over them. He must know that He will have every resource to overcome their disbelief in God as love.

Angels eagerly wait to be sent to him, but God Himself will take this message. Spirit’s form, as a dove of light goes to Jesus, enveloping his whole being in light. The Father’s voice is heard, “You are my Son, My Beloved, and I am very pleased with you.”

Straight from God comes His gift of approval.

John catches the signal and says “Look, the lamb of God…” though even he doesn’t fully grasp the meaning of the metaphor.

But Satan does–he gets that Jesus is the second  Adam, humanity’s do-over, fully reconnected, and reconnecting us with God, and he shudders because God’s love reaches through Jesus to us! God’s approval–His delight–comes to everyone who wants it! No matter how broken and weak.

You are accepted. You, also, may hear those words, “You are My beloved child, and I am very pleased with you.”*

Luke 3:21-22,  *Ephesians 1:6


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